Dunedin Fencing Club (DUFC)

Founded by Jim Campoli, and part of the Central Florida DivisionDuFC is a member of USA Fencing.



Jim Campoli:  Competitor, Coach, Club Director, Tournament Official, and Administrator.


The club was founded by Jim Campoli, after relocating from Michigan with an already impressive fencing career. The modern Dunedin Fencing Club (DuFC) was formed with the cooperation of the Dunedin Recreation Department, looking to re-establish a fencing program reminiscent of the original DFC that was in place from the mid-1950’s to late 1960’s.


In these 35 years of continual existence, the DuFC has been involved with the training and advancement of both recreational and competitive fencers. Our program can develop fencing prospects as young as 8 years, to as old as one’s spirit allows.


We offer training for beginners and for the more experienced fencer. Our club is also open to visiting established fencers, with single night waivers available to comply with the Community Center’s regulations.




President - Glen San Juan

Vice President - Bruce Darling

Treasurer - Bruce Darling

Secretary - Liam Marshall

At Large (arms manager) - Henry Marshall

Coach / Instructor - Dave Holdsworth